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Excavator Buckets for Every Application

Rockland excavator bucket types

Heavy-duty, versatile excavator buckets

An excavator bucket is a versatile attachment that fits onto the excavator’s stick using a set of pins or a quick coupler. An excavator bucket might perform common tasks, including digging, ripping, or loading different materials. When selecting the design or style of an excavator bucket, the first thing to consider is the type of material you will be handling.

There are various excavator bucket types to choose from, depending on your application. Heavy-duty bucket excavator attachments are the most popular type because they function well in various soil conditions like gravel, clay, silt, sand, and shale. Severe-duty buckets are best suited for excavator operators handling abrasive materials in severe digging applications such as quarry work. Tilting Buckets offer up to 45° of tilt in either direction, saving operators from having to reposition their machine when performing grading, ditching, or sloping work.

As with any heavy equipment operation, the excavator operator must ensure the selected bucket and prospective load do not exceed the equipment’s operating capacity.

Excavator Bucket Types at Rockland Manufacturing

At Rockland Manufacturing, we offer a wide range of excavator buckets that work well for almost any application imaginable. Some of the styles we manufacture include:


Benefits of buying an excavator bucket from rockland manufacturing

Excavator Bucket Features

We offer our buckets in standard, heavy-duty bucket, and severe-duty design options. Among the added features on many of our buckets are:

  • Side cutters: The bolt-on blades can increase the bucket’s overall cutting width
  • Base edge: This feature provides heavy-duty support for the entire bucket system
  • Wear strips: These profile-cut strips (also called wear straps) provide extra interior and exterior protection for the bucket and blade
  • Ground-engaging tools (GET): Also known as bucket teeth, ground-engaging tools can dig, rip, grade, and perform many other functions
  • Torque tube: This tube absorbs the twisting and tilting forces of the bucket
  • Lift eye: Provides a safe lifting point for the transport of a suspended load

Rockland excavator buckets offer a range of benefits, such as:

  • Heavy duty bucket performance: With solid construction, our buckets perform day after day
  • Versatility: Applications can range from digging to loading to demolition to land clearing
  • Severe service capabilities: Our severe service designs are ideal for quarry jobs and other tough rock work
  • Extra wear protection: We add extra steel reinforcement to the high-wear areas of each attachment

Contact Rockland Manufacturing Today

Whether you need a heavy-duty bucket for light soil or a severe-duty bucket for rocks, Rockland has the perfect solution. You can even request a completely custom excavator bucket. View our full product catalog of excavator buckets and for more information on our attachments or to request a quote, contact us today.


Updated January 2024