Heavy-Duty Bucket


A tough excavation job calls for a durable excavator bucket with the weight and heft to do more. Designed for moderate to high-impact excavation work, Rockland Manufacturing’s heavy-duty bucket is a rugged attachment built to perform.

Our heavy-duty bucket is a must-have tool for nearly any job site. It moves materials with ease, from gravel and soil to large rocks, boulders and debris. With rock-solid construction, it works hard day in and day out. Its unparalleled versatility allows it to handle nearly any job, from digging and loading to demo and site prep.

Need solutions for mini excavators? No problem. We also offer our heavy-duty excavator bucket to fit 2- to 7-ton machines. The mini heavy-duty excavator bucket is no small fry. Though a fraction of the size, it’s got the same dependable strength and versatility.

For dealers who need buckets with heavy-duty endurance, it doesn’t get any better than Rockland Manufacturing. Request a quote today.



Guaranteed against failure due to defective design, materials, or workmanship for a period of two years.


Heavy-Duty Bucket Features

Whether clearing out difficult materials or prepping a site for a new build, crews need buckets that are up to the task. That’s why each of one comes standard with tons of features.

Our heavy-duty bucket is designed with some heavy-duty benefits. These rock-solid buckets can take whatever the job throws their way with industry-leading features like:

  • Maximized load capacity: From digging to loading, attachments get more done.
  • Dual radius shell: Improves loading capability while also minimizing wear
  • Tapered end plates: Allows material to release easily from the bucket. Preventing unwanted material buildup and maximizing efficiency.
  • Unbeatable wear protection: Kick plates, rock plates, side cutters, and teeth protect this bucket from wear and damage.

Heavy-Duty Bucket Applications

Rockland Manufacturing’s heavy-duty bucket is uniquely designed for tough jobs and rugged terrain. Designed with compatibility in mind, this attachment improves the efficiency, durability and capabilities of equipment from the industry’s top manufacturers.

Let’s explore some of the applications where Rockland’s heavy-duty bucket shines:

  • General construction: Dig up and move dirt and debris with ease.
  • Infrastructure and utilities: Slice through various challenging materials to install water and sewer lines.
  • Municipal: Handle a variety of municipal applications, from waste collection to landfill maintenance.
  • Road and bridge: Dig trenches and clear debris for road and bridge building.
  • Site prep and land clearing: ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Make heavier-duty land-clearing tasks a cinch.

Request a Quote for Rockland’s Heavy-Duty Bucket

As a trusted name among excavator bucket manufacturers, Rockland Manufacturing produces reliable and durable excavator attachments for construction, demolition, utilities, and other industries. Our heavy-duty bucket represents our commitment to improving productivity with the right tool for the job.

If our standard attachments aren’t quite right, we can engineer and design a custom attachment built your way.

Ready to purchase a heavy-duty bucket? Reach out today to request your quote. Specify your machine’s make and model and we will handle the rest.


Do more with the Heavy Duty Bucket’s maximized load capacity, designed for moderate-to-high-impact excavation work. A must-have tool for any job site, this bucket is [READ MORE]

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