About Us

Our Mission

The right attachment makes your machine the best tool for the job at hand. Countless hours and dollars can be saved by improving productivity on the job. If you can do more every day, you can make more every day. That’s our mission – to help you Do More.

Rockland tools empower equipment operators to handle material easier, safer, and more efficiently. Jobs are finished faster. Your company gets a better return on investment. Because Rockland products are backed by the industry’s best warranties, you have peace of mind that downtime will be minimized along the way.

If you’re an equipment dealer, Rockland helps you find ways for your customers to do more. Our tools increase productivity, solve unique problems, are built to last, and ship on time – every time. This keeps your customers satisfied and coming back for your service and advice. We believe that supporting our dealers isn’t just about building great products, it’s about also offering dealers the very best in services and programs that help dealers earn more, inventory less, and satisfy customers who expect world-class service, short lead times, and customization.

In addition to offering over 200 products, we are the only construction equipment company to offer guaranteed ship dates with cash, rapid lead time service, inventory management programs, hundreds of attachments in stock, real-time quoting 24/7, free color matching, custom logos, dealer training, and many other programs. Please ask your Rockland account manager about the programs we offer.

We know our success is connected directly to your success and look forward to discussing what we can do to help you do more in the future. Thank you for considering working with Rockland.

Our History

In the late 1940s, an equipment salesman named Tom Billings had a problem. He couldn’t find a land clearing rake that would last. Tom decided to take matters into his own hands and in 1951 built the first Rockland RF-3 rake behind a gas station. The RF-3 was a land clearing rake with reversible teeth and a lifetime warranty. Tom quickly sold the first and then sold more. In 1953 Rockland was born. Tom continued to focus on quality and designing new products that helped machines Do More. The rest is history.

Today, Rockland offers over 200 products, holds over 40 patents, and produces products for OEMs and construction machinery dealers around the world. During this journey, Rockland designed and built the first wheel loader rock bucket, the world’s largest dozer blade, and pioneered ideas that are now industry norms such as horizontal wear strips on excavator buckets, using high-strength USA steel in place of cast lips, and hydraulic thumbs.

Much has changed since Tom’s first rake, but the most important things remain the same:

  • We still design our products one at a time.
  • We still manufacture in the USA, with Pennsylvania steel.
  • We still offer the industry’s best warranties.
  • We still guarantee our ship dates.
  • We still know our job is to help our customers Do More every day.
  • Most of all, we still are, and will always be, thankful for your business.

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