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Choosing a Dozer Rake

Rockland dozer rake attachments, land clearing rakes

Choosing the best dozer rake attachment for the job

Dozer rakes are heavy-duty attachments for handling bulky or unwieldy materials with minimal disturbance to the soil. Choosing a dozer rake attachment that best suits industrial applications depends on the specific tasks and roles it needs to fulfill. Discover which rake best suits heavy-duty vs. small-space removal of roots, rocks, debris, and tree branches.

Blade Rakes

If you undertake site-clearing applications but don’t clear enough land to justify a full-time rake, blade rakes are your solution. Blade rake attachments are ideal for contractors who perform small-scale land-clearing applications and dozer work. Though these tools are designed to handle small job sites, they are rugged and will provide years of service.

Blade rake dozer attachments comprise tough teeth and a robust box-beamed mainframe for optimal durability and longevity. These root rakes provide easy on-off convenience, pinning onto brackets at the top of the moldboard quickly and seamlessly while providing extra dozer equipment protection.

Multi-Application Rakes

Multi-application rake attachments for dozers are excellent for rugged and general land clearing, piling, digging, and stacking jobs. Sometimes referred to as a brush rake, these tools have a rake face and built-in brushguard that come together to form a smooth, continuous curve. They deliver maximum rolling action when managing large volumes of brush and other debris like soil, dirt, and rocks.

Dozer blade rakes feature fixed teeth comprising high-strength, heat-treated alloy steel. Their alloy steel brush guards and frames are reinforced at all critical stress areas to increase service life.

Severe Service Rakes

If you’re preparing to perform rock work or large-scale, heavy clearing operations, you’ll need a severe service rake attachment for your dozer. These durable dozer rakes are highly versatile, with reversible rake teeth that deliver double the service life of standard teeth. When a tooth wears down, all you have to do is reverse it, and you’re ready to get back to work.

The severe service rake’s alloy steel teeth are stress-relieved and heat-treated for maximum strength. You can affix two or three teeth to one end of the rake or the rake’s center for easy stumping.

At Rockland Manufacturing, we know the value of an attachment that lets you Do More. Our Severe Service Rakes come with a lifetime guarantee – that’s how confident we are that they’ll continue to perform through years of the toughest jobs.

Rockland dozer attachment stacking rakes

Stacking Rakes

Stacking rakes are explicitly designed for brush-clearing, heavy lifting, loading and stacking applications. These dozer rake attachments enable users to efficiently clear the brush without removing the blade.

Stacking rake attachments are taller than the rake’s moldboard, making it easier to push large brush piles. They are manufactured from lightweight alloy steel which allows exceptional strength and longevity.

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You can purchase dozer root rakes for any application at Rockland Manufacturing. We always find a way to help our customers Do More with land clearing applications and more, providing them with built-to-last attachments that solve unique problems while boosting productivity.

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Updated January 2024