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Best Loader Grapples

best loader grapple attachment Rockland Manufacturing

Best grapples for site efficiency

Grapple attachments increase heavy equipment capabilities by enabling machines to carry and transport large or bulky materials. Rocks, logs, trees, and debris are handled with power and efficiency.

Before purchasing, you should know and evaluate your options to optimize your industrial operations with a dependable loader attachment. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of loader grapples and the applications they’re best used for below.

Top Loader Grapple Attachments

The key to getting the most out of your loader attachment is choosing one that best serves your application needs.

Consider one of the following loader grapples for your next construction project. These tools exhibit excellent performance and efficiency, making them some of the best in the industry:

  1. LF-W log grapples: This popular log grapple stabilizes short or long logs using a wide clamp.
  2. LF-1 log grapples: The LF-1 log grapple attachment uses high-strength tines of various lengths with a center clamp to handle shorter logs with minimum grapple weight.
  3. Sorting grapples: Sorting grapple attachments can feed mills quickly and easily with exceptional productivity per pass.
  4. Millyard grapples: Millyard grapples can handle large-diameter logs with maximum loading and unloading visibility.
  5. Brush handling grapples: These root grapple attachments sift through and remove debris in site preparation, storm cleanup, and recycling applications while leaving soil behind.
  6. PG-2 pipe grapples: The PG-2 grapple can handle large or long pipes with its dual-linked stabilizers.
  7. PG-1 pipe grapples: Pipe grapples have a center stabilizer that manages bundles or layers of small and medium-sized pipes with minimal damage.
  8. East Coast high-capacity millyard grapples: These loader grapples can unload trucks in a single pass, delivering high clamping force without damaging logs.
  9. West Coast high-capacity millyard grapples: These loader grapples deliver high clamping force with minimal log damage.
  10. Cleanup grapples: Cleanup grapples grab and load debris, leaves, and other loose materials seamlessly.
  11. Heavy-duty/high-capacity brush handling grapples: You can carry large volumes of fine materials like brush, trash, and logging debris at the maximum amount of material per load.
  12. Peeler grapples: These loader attachments are ideal for peeler and plywood applications.
  13. Cane grapples: You can minimize cane handling costs with a cane grapple, which can manage more cane per load without revolving cranes or ground labor.
  14. Highwall push beam grapples: These grapples transport highwall mining beams using tapered forks and rubber-tipped clamps for optimal safety.
  15. Tire grapples: Your machine can hold bulky loads in place with ease using a tire grapple attachment.
  16. YM log grapples: YM log grapples can unload truckloads of tree-length logs under harsh conditions.

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Invest in Grapple Attachments at Rockland Manufacturing

You can buy rugged, high-quality loader grapple attachments at Rockland Manufacturing. Additionally, we offer skid steer attachments including skid steer grapples.

We’re proud to empower operators to handle tasks safely, easily, and productively with our high-quality attachments. What’s more, you can learn even more about our loader buckets, forks, and other loader attachments by browsing our site. Contact us for more information on our products today!


Updated January 2024