Pin-Mounted Thumbs


When precision is key, Rockland Manufacturing’s pin-mounted thumb is the perfect tool for the job.  These thumbs allow operators to pick up and move items with pinpoint accuracy and tightly grip objects of all shapes and sizes, even irregularly shaped materials like rocks and branches.

The pivot pin mounts the attachment through the machine’s stick and bucket or coupler for faster, easier installation.

Our pin-mounted thumb is constructed with a rigid box frame and features a rotation of up to 120 degrees.  We designed the thumb tines to mesh perfectly with the bucket’s teeth for a more secure clamp. These rugged thumbs withstand tough jobs with a superior design that lets operators pick up fine materials and place them precisely.

Need a thumb attachment with the capabilities and versatility to suit nearly any application? Contact Rockland Manufacturing to request a quote for our pin-mounted thumbs. Standard and coupler lengths are available.



Guaranteed against failure due to defective design, materials, or workmanship for a period of two years.


Features of our Excavator Pin-Mounted Thumbs

Precise placement, unmatched grip, secure clamp — these features and so many more define Rockland Manufacturing’s pin-mounted thumb. This versatile attachment is designed to last for the long haul. The pin-mounted thumb can be stored in a secure location when not in use.

Let’s explore some of the main components of our pin-mounted thumb and the benefits they bring to the job site:

  • Smooth rotation: With a 120-degree rotation and dual-cushioned thumb cylinder, operators can expect smooth movements and precise grabs.
  • Rigid construction: The rigid box frame design is durable and built to last.
  • Matched tines: The thumb tines mesh with the bucket’s teeth to keep loads securely clamped while moving.
  • Downdrift prevention: The mechanical locking pin prevents downdrift when the thumb is not in use.
  • Replaceable parts: The lubricated and heat-treated pins and bushings are long-lasting and easily replaceable, ensuring lasting performance.

Pin-Mounted Thumb Applications

An excavator thumb is a widely requested attachment for a reason. This tool adds a range of capabilities to machines that are already incredibly versatile. With it, operators can easily pick up, hold and move even the most cumbersome loads. Applications include:

  • Cleanup and recycling: From scrapyards to backyards, pin-mounted thumbs allow operators to sort through objects with precision. They’re ideal for clearing and sorting trashand debris in junkyards or after storms.
  • Land clearing: Operators can use these excavator thumbs to remove bushes and trees and move logs and other large objects to prepare sites for construction.
  • Demolition: Pin-mounted thumbs are ideal for removing bulky and hazardous items safely and efficiently.
  • Infrastructure and utilities: Thumbs make easy work of concrete and other hard-to-move materials.

Get Your Quote for Rockland Manufacturing’s Pin-Mounted Thumbs

When it comes to specialized attachments for construction equipment, Rockland Manufacturing is a name you can trust. Want pricing on our pin-mounted thumb excavator attachments? Request a quote to get started.


When precision is key, Rockland Manufacturing’s pin-mounted thumb is the perfect tool for the job. These thumbs allow operators to pick up and [READ MORE]

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