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The Krypto Klaw® vs. a Bucket and Thumb: Which Should You Use?

The Krypto Klaw® vs. a Bucket and Thumb: Which Should You Use?

Pressure, strength, versatility: Options in excavator attachments

If you’re in the construction business, you likely depend on excavators to handle challenging tasks like digging foundations, clearing lots, and demolition work. When using an excavator, choosing the best attachment for the application is crucial. Two options to consider are a bucket and thumb or a revolutionary tool, the Krypto Klaw®, from Rockland Manufacturing.

What Is The Krypto Klaw®?

The Krypto Klaw® is a patented excavator bucket with an integrated clamp that delivers exceptional strength and versatility. The innovative design features two hydraulic cylinders that provide more clamping force than any bucket/thumb combination in every position.

Unlike its competitors that use expensive, hard-to-service actuators, the Krypto Klaw’s cylinders are built and tested in-house. This guarantees years of dependable performance and saves an incredible amount of time and cost when serviceable parts and full replacements are needed.

This maneuverable tool attaches to the end of the excavator’s stick, allowing you to use 100% of the excavator’s reach. You can either pin it on directly or use a coupler to make a fast, secure connection.

The excavator Krypto Klaw® comes with an assortment of value-added features:

  • Heavy-duty cylinders that provide a higher operating pressure
  • Sturdy steel construction offering excellent abrasion resistance
  • Dual bumpers that provide reliable stick protection
  • Heavy-duty cylinder and pivot pins that can withstand the rigors of heavy-use applications
  • Rugged cutting edge and side cutter inserts that can handle long-term use and abuse
  • Easy installation, no welding required. Pin on and connect two hydraulic hoses

When Should You Consider Using The Krypto Klaw®?

The combination of power, maneuverability, and durability makes this advanced excavator claw attachment an excellent choice for your most challenging job site applications. Use it for a variety of tasks such as digging, ripping, gripping, pulling, or loading when executing projects like clearing sites for building projects or demolishing structures. And with the attachment’s extraordinary clamping power, you can use it to hold and manipulate objects larger and heavier than what is possible with a bucket and thumb.

Do you operate a multimachine fleet? Installing the Krypto Klaw is quick and easy, allowing you to spend more time working and less time changing attachments.

When to Use Excavator Thumbs and Buckets

When to Use Excavator Thumbs and Buckets

While the Krypto Klaw® can deliver the best results for heavy-duty digging and material handling applications, a bucket with a thumb can serve your purpose in many situations. If you only occasionally use your machine for material handling a bucket and thumb combo may be a better option. Also, in production digging applications a thumb can be easily stored out of the way, allowing you to use your choice of bucket to maximize productivity.

Contact Us to Learn More About The Krypto Klaw®

Do you still have questions about when to use the Krypto Klaw® or bucket with thumbs? The experts at Rockland Manufacturing have the answers and can provide additional information. We’ll also be happy to offer a no-obligation attachment quote. Call us at 1-800-458-3773 or contact us online today.


Updated January 2024