Excavator Thumb Attachments

Rockland Manufacturing’s excavator thumbs transform excavators into versatile machines that can securely grip, pick up and place nearly any object in their path. These are some of the most versatile and functional attachments on the market. While the bucket is a digging tool, excavator thumbs are optimized for grabbing and moving bulky materials like rocks, concrete and branches.

At Rockland Manufacturing, we develop innovative excavator thumb attachments that are compatible with machines from all manufacturers. We aim to help operators improve productivity and complete jobs safely, easily, and more efficiently.

What Is an Excavator Thumb Attachment?

An excavator thumb is an attachment that works in combination with the bucket to pick up and move materials at a job site. It features an intuitive design that can be secured in a stowed position if the operator needs to use the excavator bucket to dig as usual. These attachments are ideal for numerous industries — construction, land clearing, demolition, utilities, municipal works, scrap and recycling, and any business that requires precise pickup and placement of materials.

Rockland Manufacturing produces excavator thumbs in two main mounting configurations.

Pin-Mounted Thumbs

The most popular excavator thumb setup is a pin-mounted configuration. This design features a pin that attaches the thumb through the machine’s stick on the same pivot point as the bucket or quick coupler so it can rotate.

Stick-Mounted Thumbs

Stick-mounted thumbs are completely fixed to the excavator stick, and the mounting pad features a separate pivot pin attached to the stick’s underside. Stick-mounted thumbs are independent of the bucket and coupler.

Excavator Thumbs for Every Application

Rockland Manufacturing produces seven different excavator thumb designs, each with unique benefits and applications:

  • Pin-mounted thumb: This sturdy and dependable pin-mounted model features a box frame structure with up to 120 degrees of rotation. The thumb’s smooth control and solid grip offer unparalleled versatility for jobs of nearly any size, from moving debris to clearing land.
  • Progressive link thumb: Fully assembled and ready to go, this heavy-duty pin-mounted thumb offers incredible precision. The unique linkage provides up to 180 degrees of rotation, so materials remain clamped in almost any position possible. This type of thumb is ideal for when precision material placement is needed.
  • Full rotation thumb: Jobs that the precision pickup and placement, especially in tight quarters need a full rotation thumb. With a range of motion that follows the entire bucket rotation, this pin-mounted thumb offers unbeatable precision, perfect for job sites that require materials to be placed in exact locations, especially when working tight to the tracks or below grade.
  • Wide hydraulic thumb: When handling bulky, loose materials or fine debris that could easily slip, the wide-set design of this hydraulic stick-mounted thumb provides incredible maneuverability.  The thumb tines mesh in between the teeth of most buckets to provide greater pickup of fine materials.
  • Narrow hydraulic thumb: The narrow design of this hydraulic stick-mounted thumb provides quick, simple three-point pickup. Operators can pinpoint the objects they need and grab them with ease.  The narrow body provides greater visibility into the bucket when in use.
  • Wide solid-strut thumb: For operators who need a robust thumb and prefer the simplicity of a non-hydraulic attachments, the wide and solid-strut stick-mounted thumb is the ideal solution.  The thumb tines mesh with the most popular bucket widths to scoop and hold materials, making this option ideal for utility work, forestry, and demolition applications.
  • Narrow solid-strut thumb: For machines without auxiliary hydraulics, or those who prefer a simpler thumb, the narrow design of this solid stick-mounted thumb minimizes attachment weight and maximizes lift capacity.

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