You can transform your heavy equipment with forestry and logging attachments designed to take on even your most demanding projects with speed and efficiency.

logging and forestry attachments for loaders - Rockland attachments

1. Grapples

Grapple attachments enable loaders to carry large or unwieldy materials like trees, logs and debris on the job site. These work tools utilize rugged construction that allows operators to load, carry, pick and sort materials, making them ideal for logging and forestry applications.

Some of the best grapple attachments for forestry include these models:

2. Splitters

Splitters are forestry attachments that facilitate land clearing applications by gripping, pulling, splitting and loading trees, logs and stumps. Two of the most powerful and efficient splitter attachments for logging include:

3. Log Forks

Log forks are heavy-duty logging attachments ideal for smaller loads of logs and dimensional lumber and are a cost-effective solution when an overhead clamp isn’t needed. These tools enable maximum visibility and compensate for uneven terrain, making them ideal for work in rugged, high-demand environments.

4. Buckets

Specialized bucket types ideally suited for handling bark, woodchips and sawdust enable operators to clean up debris and clear access ways with ease.

Consider the following bucket attachments for forestry:

Bucket attachments for machines - Rockland equipment attachments

5. Blades

Blade attachments help machines push, carry and dump job site materials with optimal efficiency, including mulch, woodchips and debris.

Excellent blade configurations for forestry include:

6. Rhinos

Rhino attachments for excavators deliver the power and performance needed to remove stumps seamlessly. These tools feature curved, sharpened blades that slice through roots and speed up land clearing and piling processes.

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