Rockland Clearing Splitter attachment

Clearing Splitter

Grab, pull, backfill, shear, split, and load with one tool!

• Ideal for operations that need to remove stumps, backfill, and precisely handle stumps and debris with an additional cylinder.

• Two massive ripper teeth pull stumps out of the ground quickly.

• As the stump is removed, the secondary cylinder is activated – splitting the stump in one swift motion. Operators then fill in the hole with the built-in backfill blade.

• Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder delivers precise control, maximum splitting power, and increases productivity on stump removal jobs.

• All Clearing Splitters are equipped with heat-treat pins, hardened bushings, and hardfacing on the cutting knives.


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Rockland Clearing Splitters are guaranteed against failure due to defective design, materials, or workmanship for a period of two years or 4,000 hours.