Rockland Dual-Cylinder Rollout Bucket

Dual-Cylinder Rollout Bucket

The rollout bucket that does it all!

• Easily load high-sided trucks, trailers, hoppers, & tub grinders.

• Dump up to 3’ over your machine’s hinge pin height.

• The open floor makes loading easier and reduces material buildup.

• Sloped-cylinder pockets prevent material from sticking in the bucket.

• Fully-enclosed hydraulics prevent hose wear and unexpected snags.

• Faster and safer maintenance – grease the entire bucket without rolling the bucket out of the carriage – a Rockland exclusive!

• Cushioned, Rockland cylinders deliver years of dependable performance and rollout bucket power.

• Cylinder pockets, foundations, and rollout bucket carriage design keep the center of gravity as close to the machine as possible resulting in better stability and more material per pass!

• Equipped with reversible, bolt-on cutting edges.

• Available with custom wear parts, visibility slots, spillguards, and other options upon request.


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Rockland Dual-Cylinder Rollout Buckets are guaranteed against failure due to defective design, materials, or workmanship for a period of two years or 4,000 hours.


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