Pallet Forks


Pallet forks are essential skid steer attachments that can lift and transport various items, including pallets, boxes, hay bales, lumber and similar bulky materials. These forks feature two premium-grade tines that easily slide under loads to provide stability when lifting or moving items. Their versatility allows skid steer loaders to handle tasks across a broad application range, from agriculture and general construction to site preparation and land clearing.

Everyone at Rockland Manufacturing believes the right attachment makes your machine the best tool for the job at hand. Our pallet forks are no exception. Rockland skid steer attachments help equipment operators perform their jobs more efficiently, accurately and safely every day.

Skid Steer Pallet Forks From Rockland Manufacturing

Pallet forks from Rockland Manufacturing are vital for every skid steer attachment arsenal because they are versatile and efficient in handling various materials and tasks. Choose from three different capacity ratings and multiple frame widths to suit your specific application. Available with both standard and walk-through frames and manual or hydraulic tine adjustment options, versatility has never been so easy.

Rockland Manufacturing’s skid steer pallet forks offer many benefits that set them apart. The heat-treated, American-made tines and robust construction can withstand heavy use in harsh conditions, providing durability that operators can rely on day in and day out. This durability translates to long-term cost savings and reduced downtime, making Rockland’s pallet forks a smart investment for businesses looking to maximize their equipment’s life span.

Skid Steer Pallet Fork Applications

Skid steer operators rely on our pallet fork attachments to efficiently move materials, load trucks, organize inventory and perform similar tasks on job sites. Customization options make our forks a critical tool for maximizing your skid steer loader’s productivity across diverse applications, including:

  • Agriculture: In agriculture, time is often of the essence. High versatility enables employees to move materials around farms, load them onto trucks and organize storage areas quickly and efficiently. Whether moving feed, stacking bales or transporting agricultural equipment, high stability, maneuverability and precision make skid steer forks essential for optimizing workflow efficiency.
  • General construction: Attachments with optimized maneuverability and agility are critical in the fast-paced construction world. Pallet forks are essential for handling a wide range of construction materials, including pallets of bricks, lumber, piping, shingles and other heavy items. These attachments enhance productivity and maximize safety for various construction tasks, from loading materials onto scaffolding to organizing building supplies in designated areas.
  • Site preparation and land clearing: Pallet forks are essential for moving logs, branches, rocks and debris during land clearing operations. Lifting and transporting these materials quickly and accurately allows operators to clear sites and create a clean workspace for construction activities. Skid steers with pallet forks are valuable for transporting and positioning landscaping materials such as retaining wall blocks, pavers or landscaping timbers.
  • Rental: Pallet fork attachments are in high demand for rental fleets because they are easily adaptable to numerous tasks across various industries, making them attractive options for customers with diverse needs. Rental companies benefit from offering skid steer pallet forks as part of their equipment inventory because these solutions increase a machine’s productivity and efficiency. Customers looking to rent equipment for agriculture, construction or land-clearing projects often require the versatility of pallet forks to handle different materials and tasks.



Guaranteed against failure due to defective design, materials or workmanship for a period of one year.


If you can’t find the perfect attachment on our site, our team can custom-manufacture a solution specific to your requirements. Choose from custom sizes, parts, colors, logos and more. Contact us online today for a quote or to request help finding what you need.


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