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Hot Slag Bucket

There is no tougher application for wheel loader buckets than handling slag. When you specify a Rockland slag bucket for your operation, you benefit from almost 60 years of bucket design and fabrication experience, combined with knowledge drawn from working closely with many top U.S. slag producers.

MHS SLAG – Designed to handle servere molten slag (1200° and above).

• Ideal for slag processors and steel mills.
• Extra thick end plates absorb heat to eliminate distortion.
• Thick shell from cutting edge to spill guard for added strength.
• Slope bottom design and replaceable skid pads to reduce bottom wear.

CS SLAG – Designed to break cooling slag (1200° and below).

• Designed to break through top layers of cooled slag and handle buried hot slag.
• Not intended to handle molten slag.
• Commonly used in slag pot operations.
• Thinner top shell available to minimize weight without sacrificing strength.
• Slope bottom design and replaceable skid pads to reduce bottom wear.

SD SLAG DIGGING – Designed to dig and load cold, hard slag (ambient temperatures).

• Spade nose design for excellent penetration.
• Heavy-duty, heat-treated, hard cutting edges.
•Foundations from loader brackets to cutting edge to increase bottom strength.
• Slope bottom design to minimize bottom and corner wear.
• High-strength alloy steel construction.


Hot Slag Bucket Options:

• Hardfacing
• Extended Spill Guards
• Wear Strips
• Center Cutters
• Side Cutters


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Rockland Hot Slag Buckets are guaranteed against failure due to defective design, materials, or workmanship for a period of two years or 4,000 hours.