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Why We Do This

Why we build our own hydraulic cylinders

Rockland Manufacturing greasing hydraulic cylinders

Ever wondered what sets Rockland Manufacturing apart in the world of hydraulic cylinders? We’re not holding back – it’s time we let you into the intricacies of why we take pride in handcrafting our cylinders and the impact it has on your machinery.

Quality and lead time control

At Rockland®, quality is the name of the game. We manage every aspect in-house, from design to delivery, leaving no room for defects. Our meticulous control ensures our cylinders meet rigorous standards, and when it comes to lead time, we take pride in our swift execution. Compared to our competitors, our streamlined processes guarantee a faster turnaround, giving you a competitive edge to efficiently meet customer demands.

Customization for optimal performance

No one-size-fits-all solution around here. We’re the customization experts, tailoring cylinders to sync seamlessly with the unique needs of your products. From cylinder length to pin and hose connections, our approach ensures we have full control over specifications so that you get just what you need, instead of settling for the other guys. Your machinery, your tailored rules.

Enhanced customer service

Frustrated with delays? Rockland is your rapid-response team for all things hydraulic cylinders — efficient, resourceful, and always primed for action. We keep our most popular cylinders in stock and ready for quick deployment, minimizing your wait time. Need an urgent fix? No problemo. We take pride in our efficiency when it comes to building and shipping all cylinders, especially during crunch time. Efficient service is more than a promise — it’s our standard.

Regulatory compliance and innovation

Regulatory excellence is non-negotiable— we meet industry standards and rigorously adhere to safety protocols for peak operational safety. From quality assurance to predictive maintenance and sustainable practices, we lead with innovative cylinder design. Staying ahead in the competitive landscape is our forte, anticipating industry trends to consistently redefine hydraulic innovation standards.

Crafting excellence: The Rockland Manufacturing way

And there you have it — a deep dive into why Rockland Manufacturing builds our own cylinders and stands at the forefront of hydraulic cylinder craftsmanship. Quality control, customization, enhanced customer service, regulatory compliance, and relentless innovation reinforce our ongoing commitment to excellence.

Whether you’re clearing land or handling waste, your machinery deserves the best. Dig deeper into the world of Rockland by learning more about us and browsing our broad selection of attachment products. If you have questions about our products or dealer service, contact us online or give us a ring at (800) 458-3773.