Attachments allow construction companies to get the most out of their equipment, from backhoe loaders to skid steer loaders and more. Rockland Manufacturing produces a full line of equipment attachments designed to work with every equipment brand and handle material more safely, easily, and productively.

Learn more about our available attachments and the benefits you’ll gain on your next construction project.

Types of Equipment Attachments

Construction companies often want to complete their current projects as quickly and efficiently as possible. Attachments help them do so.

Attachments connect to existing equipment and allow construction crews to perform specialized tasks. While Rockland has a vast amount of equipment attachments available, here are some of the most common pieces of equipment.


Buckets attach to excavators, skid steers and loaders. They perform multiple functions, depending on the type of bucket a construction team chooses. A construction team can use buckets for:

  • Digging.
  • Grading.
  • Dumping.
  • Ejecting.
  • Moving snow.
  • Sorting and moving rocks.


Rockland Manufacturing offers four types of rakes, each of which can transform a dozer or loader into an efficient clearing machine:

  • Blade rake: A blade rake is perfect for small jobs, especially for contractors who do not need to clear enough land to justify a full-time rake.
  • Stacking rake: A stacking rake turns a basic dozer into a brush-clearing machine without having to remove the blade.
  • Severe service rake: Severe service rakes are built for the toughest jobs. They have heavy-duty reversible teeth that last twice as long as standard teeth.
  • Multi-application rake: Multi-application rakes do it all from land clearing to piling and digging.


Grapples are used to pick up and carry heavy materials like rock and wood. The best loader grapple depends on the job. Construction crews use grapples to pick up and carry unusually shaped objects, like rubble and site debris. Some are perfect for picking up logs or pipes, while others are ideal for feeding mills. Grapples can also make the clean-up process quick and easy.


Forks attach to loaders or skid steers, making it easy to move pallets, car bodies or logs. Examples of available forks include:

  • Pallet forks.
  • Log forks.
  • Car body forks.
  • Heavy-duty construction forks.
  • Bucket forks.

What to Look for in Equipment Attachments

You want to offer your construction customers equipment attachments they can depend on to meet their needs. Materials matter when choosing attachments. Equipment attachments made from durable, high-strength steel will perform better than materials made from weaker or softer metals.

Rockland Manufacturing’s attachments are made in the U.S. from Pennsylvania steel. We use AR400 steel in areas with the most wear and tear, such as blade lines and base edges. AR400 steel has high abrasion resistance and hardness, meaning it will last a long time, even with the greatest amount of wear and tear. In structural areas, we use A572 steel because of its high strength.

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