Construction Equipment Attachments

Attachments allow construction companies to get the most out of their equipment, from backhoe loaders to skid steer loaders and more. Rockland Manufacturing produces a full line of equipment attachments designed to work with every equipment brand and handle material more safely, easily, and productively.

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6 Benefits of Buying Attachment Packages vs. Individual Products

6 Benefits of Buying Attachment Packages vs. Individual Products

Having an assortment of attachments for your construction equipment will allow you to be more productive on the job site. A crucial decision is whether to purchase these tools individually or as part of a comprehensive package.Read more

increase lifespan of construction attachments

Increase the Lifespan of Your Attachments

Attachments are essential for getting the most out of your machine. Purchasing attachments from Rockland is a cost-efficient alternative to leasing or renting attachments as you have total control over the equipment and have our customer service available whenever you may need it.

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logging and forestry attachments for loaders - Rockland attachments

6 Essential Attachments for Forestry and Logging

You can transform your heavy equipment with forestry and logging attachments designed to take on even your most demanding projects with speed and efficiency.

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use an excavator grapple attachment

5 Benefits of Using an Excavator Grapple

If you're looking for a dependable, efficient tool for your material needs, optimize your excavator with a high-quality grapple attachment. These tools pick up, move and sort materials of all shapes and sizes, such as logs, rocks and bulky debris.

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best loader grapple attachment Rockland Manufacturing

Best Loader Grapples

Grapple attachments increase heavy equipment capabilities by enabling machines to carry and transport large or bulky materials like rocks, logs, trees and debris across the job site with power and efficiency.

If you're looking to optimize your industrial operations with a dependable loader attachment, you should first know and evaluate your options.

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Rockland dozer rake attachments, land clearing rakes

Choosing a Dozer Rake

Dozer rakes are heavy-duty attachments for handling bulky or unwieldy materials with minimal disturbance to the soil. These dozer attachments are ideal for removing roots and eliminating rocks, debris and tree branches.

Rake attachments suit a wide array of industrial applications, making it essential to choose the best dozer rake attachment for your application needs.

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Rockland excavator bucket types

An excavator bucket is a versatile attachment that fits onto the stick of the excavator using a set of pins or a quick coupler. Common tasks an excavator bucket might perform include digging, ripping, or loading different materials. When selecting the design or style of an excavator bucket, the first thing to consider is the type of material you will be handling.

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A Guide to Steel Construction Equipment

Industry standards employ steel grades to distinguish different types of steel based on its unique properties. These properties determine characteristics like strength, workability, and wear resistance. Most of today's workable steel fits into the carbon or alloy families, containing varying combinations of carbon, iron, and other elements.

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Excavator Thumbs for Every Job

A thumb on an excavator can make it a versatile tool in landscaping, construction, demolition, or recycling. A thumb attachment makes it easier to pick up, move, and hold irregular objects like concrete, rocks, construction materials, debris, and branches that do not easily fit into a typical bucket attachment. At Rockland Manufacturing, we offer seven different models of excavator thumbs in two mounting configurations.

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The Krypto Klaw® vs. a Bucket and Thumb: Which Should You Use?

If you're in the construction business, you likely depend on excavators to handle challenging tasks like digging foundations, clearing lots, and demolition work. When using an excavator, it's crucial to choose the best attachment for the application. Two options to consider are a bucket and thumb or a revolutionary tool, the Krypto Klaw®, from Rockland Manufacturing.

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