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The Rockland SnowEdge enables telehandlers and wheel loaders to quickly and reliably remove snow and ice from trailer roofs. With the SnowEdge, trailers are safely cleaned in place, snow “pile ups” near snow gates are eliminated, on site telehandlers and wheel loaders used for traditional “snow removal” can be better utilized, and personnel stay warm and safe in the cab – no more ladders and brooms needed for cleaning off trucks!

The SnowEdge’s patented design removes both snow and ice without damaging the trailer. A single operator can clean over 20 trailers per hour with the SnowEdge. This saves time, money, increases safety, and gets trucks back on the road quickly.

SnowEdge in action & storage position demonstration:

In addition, by using its 12 foot reach the SnowEdge can be used to quickly clear snow from underneath coupling plates, making it much easier for tractors to gain access in snowy conditions.

Unlike some snow removal tools on the market, the SnowEdge easily adjusts to any trailer height and is fully mobile.

The SnowEdge can meet trailers anywhere that are designated for snow removal, which makes snow management much more efficient. The compact design and easy quick coupler hook up allows the SnowEdge to be transported to multiple sites, without permits, and makes offseason storage easier.

The SnowEdge is the answer to snow management within any commercial or shipping yard where tractors and trailers operate. The SnowEdge will quickly pay for itself with the savings in personnel costs. Even more importantly, the SnowEdge enables trucking companies to get their trucks back on the road more quickly and more safely than ever before.


  • Three preset working positions ensure operators save time
  • Easily visible down-pressure gauge reduces the possibility of damaging the trailer roof
  • Reversible rubber edge prevents damage and maximizes snow removal
  • No hydraulics to maintain. Easy and cost-effective
  • Fast and easy connect/disconnect keeps productivity high and operators in the seat




Machine Requirements: Loaders
* Includes Boom Extension that is required to get necessary height for trailer clearing
Minimum Height to Boom Pin – 11 Feet
Minimum Straight Tipping Load of 12,800 Lbs.

Machine Requirements: Telehandlers
Minimum Height to Boom Pin – 18 Feet
Minimum Lift Capacity of 2,400 Lbs.
Fully Extended


Rockland SnowEdges are guaranteed against failure due to defective design, materials, or workmanship for a period of two years or 4,000 hours.



Can I remove ice in addition to snow?
Yes, the SnowEdge provides even pressure across the trailer roof to remove both ice and snow.

Can the down pressure cause damage to the trailer roof?
The down-pressure gauge allows operators to clearly see and adjust the amount of pressure being applied on the trailer roof. Operator training is also recommended to ensure damage does not occur.

Is the cutting edge rubber or steel?
The cutting edge is rubber and reversible. This further prevents damage and is cost effective.

Does my operator need any special training?
To ensure safety and prevent damage, we recommend the operator be trained and have a thorough understanding on the uses and functionality of the SnowEdge, as well as the machine.

What makes the SnowEdge different from other snow removal techniques?
The SnowEdge can be moved into the first preset position [90 degrees] allowing it to be transported anywhere. You can have several machines running simultaneously, with the potential to clear 100s of trailers an hour. Additionally, there’s no need to clear snow after cleaning each trailer, preventing a line of trucks from building up and getting them back on the road faster than stationary methods.

Can I get the SnowEdge in a color other than yellow?
Yes, the color of the SnowEdge can be tailored to your specific needs.