FAQ Page

Find answers to our most commonly asked questions below. We designed this FAQ section to provide clarity for all your inquiries.

Which Equipment Brands Will Work With Rockland Manufacturing Attachments?

Rockland Manufacturing attachments are compatible with equipment from any manufacturer. Name any brand — we have products for it. In addition, we offer customized attachments upon request for specific equipment brands.

Can I Rent Rockland Manufacturing Attachments?

You can rent Rockland Manufacturing attachments from any nearby dealer. Reach out to your local dealer today to learn more about how you can get Rockland Manufacturing products.

What Is Your Lead Time?

Lead times vary depending on the product. Our team is committed to delivering on some of the fastest lead times for high-quality products, no matter what you need.

Where Can I Get a Manual for My Equipment?

Your dealer should have manuals for your equipment.

Does Rockland Manufacturing Sell Used Attachments?

Dealers can purchase Rockland Manufacturing attachments, as we do not sell to consumers directly. If you’re interested in a used Rockland Manufacturing attachment, get in touch with your local dealer for more information.

Where Can I Purchase Rockland Manufacturing Products?

If you are looking for new attachments, please find your local dealer to get in touch about purchasing products today.

Is Delivery Available for Our Products?

We offer local delivery to all of our equipment dealers. We do not sell or ship products directly to customers. If you’re interested in a Rockland Manufacturing attachment, please speak with your local dealer today.

How Do I Become a Rockland Manufacturing Dealer?

If you’re interested in becoming a Rockland Manufacturing dealer, please contact us today. We can help you get started selling Rockland Manufacturing attachments in your store.

Where Can I See My Invoice?

Dealers selling our products will have access to all of their invoices. If you are a customer who purchased a product and want a copy of your receipt, please get in touch with your dealer.

What Are Rockland Manufacturing Products Made From?

We make our attachments from heavy-duty steel. Our products allow you to Do More without wearing down attachments.

Can I Speak With Your Sales or Warranty Departments?

Dealers can speak directly with our sales and warranty departments. Simply email our Sales Department at sales@rocklandmfg.com or give us a call. If you are registering your product for warranty, please navigate to our Warranty Registration page and follow the directions.

How Do I Submit a Warranty Claim?

We understand that sometimes unexpected events happen. You can submit a form or call 1-800-458-3773 to submit a warranty claim.

Where Can I Get Rockland Manufacturing Equipment Parts?

If you need parts for a Rockland Manufacturing product, reach out to our parts department by emailing parts@rocklandmfg.com.

Become a Rockland Manufacturing Attachment Dealer Today

Please contact us today to learn more about becoming a dealer. If you’re a customer and ready to purchase an attachment, we encourage you to find your local dealer.