• Ship dates are guaranteed after all required information is received. (In other words, you have to tell us what we need to build before we can build it. Additionally, if you order something different than what was quoted, the lead time may vary)
  • Ship dates are guaranteed after the availability of customer-specified parts are confirmed. (If you need something special on the order, we need to know your requirements to ensure we can get it on time)
  • On multiple quantity orders, penalties apply to units shipped late. (If you order 100 buckets and we ship one late, you receive the discount on the one that was late, not on the 99 that were finished on time)
  • Penalty starts on the first business day after the confirmed ship date and continues each business day until the product is shipped. (This one’s pretty cut and dry)
  • The penalty will not be paid for delays caused by conditions beyond our control and/or result from a massive system failure – e.g. an earthquake, flooding, cyberattack, power grid failure, fire, alien invasion, the entire company decides to go on vacation at once, etc. (basically this means – pending no crazy or massive issues, the penalty is as good as yours if we don’t ship on time)

And don’t forget! Although the terms and conditions are very important, we don’t offer this penalty because we plan to ship late. If we did we’d soon go out of business! We offer the reliability penalty because we are extremely good at shipping on time and can put our money where our mouth is. We encourage you to ask the same of all your vendors. If we can guarantee what we can do to help your dealership, why can’t they?

At Rockland we appreciate your business – and no matter how large or small the order, we think you deserve great service and guaranteed on-time shipments, every time.


  • Ship dates are based on Rockland’s scheduled workdays. (we can only work on a product when we are at work!)
  • If you’ve chosen Rapid Service, the maximum quantity order varies by product, additional units will be provided at standard lead time. This information will be indicated on the quote. (At the time of quote, if there’s a maximum amount of the product that’s available at rapid – due to parts, materials, etc, we’ll put this on the quote. If you order more than this, the additional units will be/maybe/could be subject to standard lead time)
  • Standard cancellation policy applies. (If you order a product and we cut steel,you own it! So be sure you really want it when sending in the order. Rapid orders move fast!)