Excavators are one of the most versatile and powerful construction machines. Your customers depend on demolition excavators to prepare sites and carry out projects. With excavator attachments, customers can Do More. Attachments increase excavator efficiency and versatility by expanding what your customers can do with their on-site machinery. 

With the right demo attachments, you can tackle any job. Using these Rockland attachments will make your construction machines more versatile, efficient, and productive.

Demolition Attachments for Excavators

7 Best Demolition Attachments for Excavators 

Excavators are compatible with many types of attachments, each of which has specific functions to level up construction projects. Knowing the best options can help you decide how to expand your attachment selection, so you can continue to offer great products. Here are seven of our favorite high-efficiency hydraulic excavator attachments: 

1. Concrete Pulverizer 

The Rockland Concrete Pulverizer is a simple but powerful tool that allows demolition contractors to separate concrete and rebar and turn them into recyclable, profitable materials. 

It is an easy-install attachment that requires no additional hydraulics, making it a great alternative to hammers, wrecking balls, and other traditional demolition tools.

The pivot pin has heat treatment, making it easy to navigate as teams clean and prepare construction sites. This tool has many applications, from removing large amounts of concrete constructs efficiently to separating and moving different materials. It handles and separates materials for easy recycling.

The Concrete Pulverizer has a two-year, 4000-hour warranty that guarantees products against failure due to defective design, materials, or workmanship.

2. Concrete Slab Bucket

Buckets are versatile attachments that can be used to break, move, carry, and doze heavy materials for construction jobs. Our Concrete Slab Bucket was designed to get under pavement easily, maximizing the hydraulic forces of today’s modern excavators.

Our unique C-type profile allows the removal of broken concrete and pavement slabs to be moved at an efficient speed. The ribbed design on the bucket adds rigidity and minimizes the wear on the shell of the bucket, allowing you to Do More.

Rockland gives you the option to customize your bucket with the adapters and points that the specific job requires. Additionally, custom branding and logos, wear plates, and many other features are available upon your request.

3. Excavator Ripper 

When your customers need to penetrate and disrupt solid ground and materials, they need a quality Excavator Ripper. Our excavator attachment works on rock, pavement and frozen surfaces by focusing its energy on a very small area to increase the power. It has a high penetration level, making it perfect for projects that need to break up deeper surfaces.

The Excavator Ripper can utilize both coupler and pin-on setups. Is your job a little more extreme? Ask about our Severe-Duty design that comes with additional wear plates that lengthen the life of the product and increase its power of penetration.

While this Excavator Ripper is very durable and long-lasting, it also comes with a two-year, 4,000-hour warranty.

4. Extreme Duty H23 Grapple 

The Extreme Duty H23 Grapple is an excellent attachment for demolition excavators. 

The H23 is equipped with tine-tip serrations and heavy-duty rock strips on the dace of the grapple in order to maximize the gripping power of the attachment while preventing wear for a long-term investment. This grapple has independent pivot pins that eliminate the need for the grapple halves to separate when removed, which will save you time and increase the safety of the installation and removal process.

We highly recommend this option if you want to offer something strong and durable. You can pair it with an excavator coupler for more functionality. Like most of our products, it comes with a two-year warranty.

5. Krypto Klaw

Looking for a bucket that does it all? Look no further than our Krypto Klaw. Our Krypto Klaw excavator bucket is the perfect tool for your challenging demolition and land-clearing jobs where strength and versatility are required. 

The Krypto Klaw uses two hydraulic cylinders to deliver more clamping force, in all positions than any other excavator bucket thumb out there. The Krypto Klaw attaches at the end of your excavator stick, so you can use 100% of the excavator’s reach. Maneuvering a bucket and thumb can be challenging, so the Krypto Klaw’s ability to clamp and hold on to a load is why it’s a favorite amongst machine operators.

Often imitated but never duplicated, the Krypto Klaw is the Swiss Army Knife of excavator buckets and attachments. Dig, rip, grip, and load all with the same tool.

6. Severe Service Excavator Bucket

If your customers are searching for something that can handle more intense work, then our Severe Service Bucket is a must. We designed this product for tough rock work with increased durability and strength in mind. Move separate heavier loads on projects — the shell doubler and rock strips will protect the equipment on site and ensure it can accommodate all jobs. Teams can also add customized points, adapters, segments, and side cutters for increased functionality. 

7. Rock Tine Excavator Bucket

The Rock Tine Excavator Bucket is excellent for separating valuable materials from waste on every pass. This bucket will help you sort and or load the exact size of material you need. 

Like many of our products, the customization with the Rock Tine Excavator Bucket is endless. Points, adapters, colors, logos, ID tags, and many other features can be customized to your specifications upon request. Like most of our attachments, you receive a two-year warranty with the Rock Tine Excavator Bucket.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Attachment

The Importance of Choosing the Right Attachment 

When working with high-reach demolition excavators, the attachment teams use can significantly impact project progress and site productivity. Choosing the correct attachments for demolition projects offers several benefits, including: 

  • Job Application: While your customers might use excavators to carry out demolition projects and processes, there are many stages. Attachments can increase the functionality of excavating equipment, letting construction teams do more with what they already have. 
  • Efficiency and productivity: When construction teams have access to the necessary tools, they can complete projects quickly. Investing in several attachments can save time waiting for new equipment or tools to arrive when they encounter a specific application. Teams can meet deadlines faster while upholding their quality standards. 
  • Power demand: Demolition projects often involve moving heavier materials, like stone and concrete. These jobs require more power than other construction tasks, which many excavators can already handle. Adding excavator attachments can ensure your customers have a product that can take the weight and scope of the project. 

Deal Quality Excavator Attachments From Rockland Manufacturing

Deal Quality Excavator Attachments From Rockland Manufacturing 

When dealing with powerful construction equipment and tools, you want to offer your customers only the highest quality. On construction sites, functionality, durability and longevity are essential — your customers need tools they can depend on each time. You can offer the best care and products by partnering with a manufacturer that thoroughly understands industry needs and operates with quality in mind.

At Rockland Manufacturing, we specialize in designing and building construction equipment. Our products are compatible with many standard industry brands, allowing our attachments to integrate seamlessly with the equipment your clients already own. 

We offer only the highest quality products and have a full product line, so you can come to us with everything you need. Many of our products qualify for customization, letting you better meet your customers’ needs. Contact Rockland Manufacturing to request a quote today.